Payment Options

To make your dental experience at Frontier Family Dentistry as convenient and affordable as possible, we accept cash, check, debit, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. We also participate with the following third-party financing, Care Credit, to make financing dental treatment easy and convenient. We are considered a fee-for -service practice and what that means is our patients have the freedom to choose the highest level of care regardless of participating status. Our friendly and professional team will still bill your insurance and will gladly discuss your proposed dental treatment and answer any questions you might have regarding payment and your insurance plan (please check with your insurance provider for out-of-network benefits).

Regarding how you may finance your visits to our dentist, we accept multiple payment options:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • CareCredit

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  • FREE Oral B electric toothbrush
  • Two professional cleaning in 6 month intervals (not including periodontal treatment)
  • Two complete exams (new patient or periodic) by the doctor at hygiene visits
  • One complete annual required radiograph series (bitewings + 2 PAS or Full Mouth Series)
  • 20% on all other dental procedures



  • FREE Oral B electric toothbrush
  • Four complete professional Periodontal Maintenance hygiene visits
  • Two complete exams (new patient or periodic) by the doctor at hygiene visits
  • One complete annual required radiograph series (bitewings + 2 PAS or Full Mouth Series)
  • 30% Savings on each quadrant of Scaling & Root Planning (Deep Cleaning)
  • 20% on all other dental procedures


  • There are no maximums or deductibles, no waiting periods, no exclusions and no red tape
  • Our savings program cannot be combined with any other dental or accident insurance
  • If you require a referral to a dental specialist, these services are not covered by this program
  • You must maintain membership to continue receiving services covered by this plan

Take Control of Your Oral Health with Our VIP Program!

Frequently, general health conditions are visible during regular dental examinations, even before they affect overall health. Early detection and treatment will protect your general health and your overall quality of life, and of course, will protect your dental health. All too often, people without dental insurance will delay essential dental care, enabling the first signs of health issues to go undetected and untreated. We know that many dental plans offer only limited coverage, preventing access to essential dental care and ongoing preventative dentistry. Often these limited benefits can contradict the advice of our experienced dental team, and even the simplest procedure may require endless red tape for approval. Our savings program eliminates these concerns, removing the restrictions that could negatively impact your dental and general health. We have created our VIP Private Savings Program for people who want to benefit from the highest quality and advanced dental care whenever it is necessary or desirable. With our dental care plan, you and your family will never need to compromise your dental health, instead, you will gain access to all the dental care you need.