Preventive and Periodontal Solutions | Bandera, TX

At Frontier Family Dentistry, we are pleased to offer preventive care and periodontal solutions to ensure you are in your best possible oral health. If you have questions about our services, do not hesitate to call our office. Our preventive and periodontal solutions and services include:

During your visit, our dentist offers various preventive care services to protect your teeth from conditions such as gum disease, cavities and other ailments. Our dentist’s goal with preventive care is to prevent damage and disease so you will not require extra, expensive dental care. During your appointment, our team members will provide you will several steps you can take to minimize your chance for developing oral decay and disease.
We also provide excellent periodontal solutions for patients affected by oral conditions such as gum disease. We will help you halt the spread of early gum disease, as well as manage periodontal disease. We utilize many pain management techniques so that you are able to enjoy a pleasant, effective appointment at our office. Our excellent dentist also provides dental implants as part of our periodontal solutions.
To learn more about the benefits of preventive and periodontal solutions and services and make your appointment with Brandon Pack, call our office at 830-796-7225 today!