Major Dental Corrections Are Sometimes Necessary

Look into dental implants and surgeries in Bandera, TX

Some dental problems are more complicated. You may end up needing dental implants or surgeries to correct your smile. Frontier Family Dentistry can handle the job. Our dental office in Bandera, TX offers a wide range of treatments.

Our oral surgeon performs:

  • Tooth extractions - for teeth that are decayed, damaged or infected to the point that an effective restoration is impossible
  • Wisdom teeth removals - for wisdom teeth that are impacted or have grown in at an incorrect angle
  • Jaw surgeries - to treat a TMJ disorder, to correct uneven jaw growth or to improve the fit of dentures
  • Bone grafts - to increase bone density and/or to improve the chances for a successful dental implant

Consult one of our team members on your dental issues today. We accept patients in Bandera, TX and all of the surrounding areas.

You may need a dental implant

Dental implants are permanent, stable tooth replacements that can be used to replace one or several missing teeth. First, the titanium implant post is surgically placed in your jawbone to replace the tooth root. You'll then have a healing period before we place the replacement tooth on top of the post. Depending on which teeth are missing and your personal dental needs, you may get a dental crown, dental bridge or complete or partial denture.

Each dental implant restoration is custom-made to fit your smile. Speak with our highly trained oral surgeon now for more information on implants and surgical procedures.